Wedding Gown

Your beautiful gown is the ultimate keepsake from that perfect day. It will bring back wonderful memories of your wedding day, and could possibly be the perfect gift for future generations or beyond. We personally take pleasure in carefully treating, cleaning and preserving your precious dress. Our Museum Quality Preservation will care of your special garments while removing food, soil, make –up and other stains. The Museum Quality Clean and Preservation process follows below steps:

Step 1: Inspection prior to cleaning. The first thing we do before cleaning your wedding gown is a close inspection. We are checking to make sure the care label in the gown actually applies to the gown (about 5% of the time, the label is wrong). We do this by testing a small, inconspicuous part of the wedding dress to make sure the composition and materials of the dress matches the label. Next we test several beads on your wedding dress to ensure they wont come off during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Preparation for cleaning. Based on the results of the inspection from the first step, we will select the best cleaning method for your gown. For certain methods, all of the bead work must be covered and any flowers, hoops and other details may have to be removed.

Step 3: Pre-spotting. This is where the bulk of the work happens on your wedding gown. All of the dirty areas and spots are meticulously treated prior to cleaning. This step requires an intimate knowledge of fabrics and spot removal chemistry. Our experts will spend an unlimited amount of time on your dress going over every inch.

Step 4: Cleaning. The cleaning phase cleans your entire wedding gown and also flushes out any spotting solutions we used during the pre-spotting phase. Every gown is cleaned individually, never in combination with regular dry cleaning or other wedding dresses.

Step 5: Steaming/Pressing. Your wedding gown will be pressed or steamed to remove the wrinkles from the cleaning process. Our experts have the experience necessary to know how to press or steam (and also when not to press or steam) your wedding gown.

Step 6: Inspection & Re-assembly. Before preservation, we perform a close inspection to be sure all removable stains are gone and it meets our define standard of preservation.

Step 7: Preserve in finest preservation box. Your gown and accessories are shaped and carefully packaged in our preservation box. Plastics, air-tight seal, and other harmless materials can damage your gown over time. We layer your gown with acid-free tissue and carefully fold it into preservation box to prevent hard wrinkles. The preservation box, designed especially for this purpose to preserve it in flawless condition for many more years or forthcoming generation.

The Museum Quality Preservation is a family heirloom and is a best way to preserve your gown for forthcoming generation and beyond. Please visit us today for more information and consultation for your bridal heirloom.

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