Laundered Shirts

The heart of every professional outfit is a well pressed shirt. Our custom laundered shirt service will keep your shirts as crisp and bright as the day you bought them. Your shirts will be finished to your exact requirements every time thanks to our modern computerized ticketing. Just tell us once how you like it and our experts will take care of the rest.

Gentle Cleaning with the Results You Deserve
Our laundering process utilizes a lower temperature wash and no harsh bleaches or chemicals. This reduces fraying as well as the shrinking of your shirts over time. All shirts are hand finished and starched to your precise preference. Whether you like your shirt soft and flowing or you want them to stand by themselves, we can handle it all.

Everyone Hates Missing Buttons
There is nothing worse than putting on a shirt in the morning when you are already late for work, only to find that there is a missing or broken button. We replace all cracked or missing shirt buttons free of charge. We stock a large supply of buttons to match virtually all shirts, even those with the extra thick buttons. You will leave with the confidence that your shirts are ready to wear every time.

Are You Getting Back Perfect Shirts?
Don’t settle for just okay when you only get one chance to make that first impression, let us show you the difference a perfect shirt will make.
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